The Door.

We arrived in the Galapagos yesterday. A short bus, short boat and taxi ride later we arrived at the hotel. It was mid-afternoon at this point so we ditched our stuff and set out to wander the town and get our bearings before finding some dinner.

The weather was fine, the walk was lovely, the food was delicious and we returned to the hotel in good spirits.

We had been back for a little while when Paddy decided to go refill our water from the filling station downstairs. He unlocks the door, he tries the handle, it won’t unlatch. Yup, we were stuck.

Seriously stuck too, not that there are varying degrees of stuck, but when the only other exit is a tiny window that won’t open you start feeling like you might be there for a while.

We tried the intercom, it didn’t work. We knocked on the door, no one came. We tried calling the hotel via Skype but the internet here is limited. We tried yelling – this worked!!

The owner arrived and opened the door from the other side. She laughed and demonstrated the lock. “We know! It was unlocked!” We exclaimed. The door handle won’t unlatch the door from the inside. “Sure it will!” She responded, looking at us like we were very stupid gringos and slamming the door – from the inside. She tried the handle – it didn’t work. She looked at us with the most priceless look of shock – he handle still didn’t work. “Oh great” I though, “Now all three of us are stuck in here!”

By this time the long day had caught up with me and I was trying to contain my hysterical laughter.

Luckily her daughter had followed and opened the door from the outside. The temporary solution? Tape, so the door won’t latch and us gringos are no longer in galapagaen jail.